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Sober Stories was founded on the belief that shared stories are the most transformative medium for change.

We are a multimedia platform dedicated to the power of really, really great stories, connecting folks all across the "sober" spectrum with storytelling of hope, honesty, inspiration, and community.

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ZERO PROOF: Italian Orange Spritz with Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits

Here at Sober Stories HQ, we’re hanging onto those last few moments of summer. Hints of citrus, sun-soaked days, dreams of faraway vacations… you feel us? And our Community + Ops manager, Callie Williams, is keeping that Endless Summer going with a fresh, zero-proof cocktail for you: an Italian Orange Spritz featuring Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits. […]

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Miriam Verheyden Sober Stories


The First 100 Days // A Community Story by Miriam Verheyden

A community Story by Miriam Verheyden about the first 100 days living alcohol-free.

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Jeff Simone Sober Stories Reaction Recovery


“A Pharmacist’s Journey Into & Out of Hell” with Jeff Simone of @reactionrecovery

This week on Sober Stories, we had the opportunity to interview Dr. Jeff Simone of @reactionrecovery. (S01/E008) Jeff is a Doctor of Clinical Pharmacology, living in the greater Philadelphia area. Jeff battled an opioid and amphetamine addiction that he first sought treatment for in 2013. After several difficult years, he achieved sustained remission in 2016 and is currently living a life of full abstinence. Jeff founded Reaction Recovery in 2019 where he currently works one on one with individuals who are seeking to achieve greater emotional and physical stability on their own recovery journeys. Jeff has coached over 150 clients and families, centered on the Bio-psycho-social Model. Jeff also hosts the podcast “Surviving Opioids – Beyond an Epidemic.”

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Alex McRoberts Sober Yoga Girl Sober Stories


“Sober Yoga Girl” with Alex McRoberts of The Mindful Life Practice

This week on Sober Stories, we had the opportunity to interview Alex McRoberts. (S01/E007) Alex is a 500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified Life Coach, entrepreneur, podcaster, and Ontario Certified Teacher. She has taught yoga internationally, in Canada, where she is from, Kuwait, where she called home for five years. She now resides in Bali, Indonesia. When Alex became sober in 2019, yoga played a key role in her sober journey. In 2020, Alex founded the Mindful Life Practice Community and Sober Curious Yoga, an online yoga community with participants from all over the world who are changing their relationship with alcohol using mindfulness techniques such as yoga, meditation, community and journaling. She also hosts the Sober Yoga Girl Podcast.

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was founded on the belief that shared stories are the most transformative medium for change. 

When we see ourselves in others' stories, and when we share our own stories, we are able to connect and heal on a deep, juicy level. We are the only multimedia platform telling the stories of folks all across the "sober" spectrum, with storytelling of hope, honesty, inspiration, and at least a fewwww sparkling water jokes.

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